Charles Macmillan

Project Officer, European Commission

Open Source: A New Strategy for Industry
26 minutes, 12.3mb, recorded 2006-06-28
Charles Macmillan

Information Society Technologies, established by the European Commission in 2002, works with software developers and vendors on research and development of European software and ICT solutions. Charles Macmillan, the Open Source Project Officer for the IST speaks at the 2006 Open Source Business Conference to provide the industry with an overview of how the commission is stimulating ICT research.

The commission works on gathering and disseminating information, organizing workshops, meeting stake-holders and commissioning studies. One such study was focussed on the obstacles to releasing open source software in the European Union. Several projects currently under way are using free open source software at various levels, from the workstations on developer's desks to complex research software and infrastructure. Working closely with developers the IST has been able to experience and address the challenges faced when using FOSS in development projects.

IST is aware that there is an increasing trend for citizens and politicians to become involved in the debate on FOSS, something which was previously limited to software industry players. In response, it will be kicking off with Framework Program 7 in 2006 in an effort to get critical mass in various areas of technology research.

Charles Macmillan is the Open Source Project Officer at the European Union's Information Society Technologies unit. At IST, Macmillan coordinates around 20 research projects which directly support free and open source software by implementing the research and development aspects.


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