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Understanding Your Content
42 minutes, 19.6mb, recorded 2006-08-14
Chiara Fox

What are content audits and content maps, and why should they matter to companies who publish information on the Web? Chiara Fox, a senior information architect for Adaptive Path, defines the art of Content Analysis in the scope of web application design and migration. She identifies several milestones and key deliverables that most companies can use on their next (re)design project.

Content analysis is a core component of the information architect's toolkit. Content analysis is the examination of the content and features that make up a website. Through a content audit, or sampling of representative pieces of content, an information architect can understand the relationships, interdependencies and patterns that exist within the current content on the site. This process also allows the information architect to understand requirements and constraints inherent in the content. Content genres, or types, can be identified and used to create a content map of the site and site templates. The content map provides the basic building blocks for gap analysis, which maps user tasks with the content genres.

Chiara Fox is a senior information architect for Adaptive Path. Chiara has developed successful information architectures for intranets, informational websites, and e-commerce sites. She's worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies such as PeopleSoft, AT&T, Square D, L.L. Bean, and Hewlett-Packard.

Before joining Adaptive Path, Chiara served as the senior information architect for PeopleSoft, an enterprise software company. She implemented a unified information architecture across the public website, customer extranet, and partner extranet in a single CMS. The IA was expanded to include 23 international sites the following year. She also designed the metadata schema for use on all 26 websites. Before joining PeopleSoft, Chiara was an information architect at Argus Associates, a pioneering information architecture design firm.

Chiara is an active member of the American Society of Information Science and Technology and ACM's local chapter of SIG-CHI, BayCHI. She is also a member of the Information Architecture Institute and serves as co-director of the Institute's IA Library.

Chiara received her Master of Science degree in Library and Information Science from Simmons College. She spent ten years working in public and scientific libraries as a cataloger and reference librarian before devoting herself to the web full-time. Because of her background as a librarian, Chiara specializes in content analysis, metadata and taxonomy development, and building architectures from the bottom up.


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