Zeev Suraski

Co-founder and CTO, Zend Technologies

Zend Platform In-Depth
41 minutes, 18.9mb, recorded 2005-10-19
Zeev Suraski

Zend Platform, developed by Zend Technologies - the company behind the immensely popular PHP web scripting language - is a management solution for PHP-based applications. By equipping programmers with instant debugging and analysis tools, Zend Platform allows them to diagnose performance issues, database problems and develop more stable and optimised PHP applications.

Zeev Suraski's conference session at the Zend/PHP Conference & Expo 2005 highlights the newest capabilities of Zend Platform. Suraski runs through a demo installation and introduces new bug fixing work-flows which allow PHP developers to find, diagnose and fix bugs without having to re-deploy their applications.

Scalability issues concerning PHP are adressed by the introduction of session clustering. Additionally, performance is enhanced by the refinement of code and content caching which, depending on the nature of the program, provides three to five times the performance of unaccelerated code.

Suraski ends by demoing an implementation of content caching and answering the audience's questions on enhancing application performance by using Zend Platform.

Zeev Suraski is an Israeli programmer, most famous for co-developing PHP and co-founding Zend Technologies with fellow student Andi Gutmans. The pair created PHP 3 in 1997 after graduating from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. In 1999 they developed the Zend Engine, which now forms the core of PHP, and have overseen the advances of PHP by founding Zend Technologies. Today, more than 15 million websites are using PHP, and it has recently been touted by Netcraft as the most popular scripting language available. Suraski is currently the CTO for Zend Technologies.


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