Dan Kuykendall

Director of Engineering, NT OBJECTives

28 minutes, 12.9mb, recorded 2006-09-05
Dan Kuykendall

A podcaster himself, Dan Kuykendall identified a need that many podcasters have, to publish their content inside of a blogging environment, and addressed their pain. Wordpress, being one of the more popular blog solutions with a robust plugin framework, was the perfect foundation. So Dan created the PodPress plugin to extend Wordpress’ functionality, giving podcasters a much needed toolkit to publish and to track their content. The plugin has been downloaded over 27,000 times since it was first released in February, 2006 and its user base is steadily growing.

Michael Geoghegan, host of Behind the Mic, recently interviewed Dan Kuyendall. They talk about his efforts to combat security threats on the Web, how he got involved with podcasting, and where the inspiration came from for the PodPress plugin. They discuss what PodPress has to offer podcasters today, and what is in the works for tomorrow.

Dan Kuykendall is the Director of Engineering at NT OBJECTives, focusing on all aspects of web application security and testing strategies. Prior to NTO, he was a software engineer at Foundstone Technologies where he developed web applications for their network scanning products. He is an active contributor to several open source projects including phpGroupware, Qmail, and RPM Builder.

When not building security solutions, Dan talks extensively about the topic in his podcast, Mighty Seek, which is devoted to web application security and development. Dan was an early contributor to the podcast community through his work behind the scenes at Podcast Alley. Most recently, he has focused his development efforts on the PodPress plugin for Word Press.


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