Tim Bourquin

The Podcast & Portable Media Expo

Behind the Mic
28 minutes, 12.9mb, recorded 2006-08-26
Topics: Media Podcasting
Tim Bourquin

The first Podcast and Portable Media Expo was held in November 2005 and the attendee turnout was more than double what organizers had originally hoped. It was ultimately the fire marshal who put the cap on that number. Expecting an even larger turnout, the second expo will be held on September 29 & 30th, 2006 with more floor space, more sessions, and more exhibitors. Tim Bourquin, the show's organizer, talks with Behind the Mic host, Michael Geoghegan about the trade show. They discuss why Tim organized the event around, what was then, a young and developing medium, as well as what attendees can expect at the upcoming event.

Tim Bourquin is the founder of TNC New Media and has produced several successful trade shows and online conferences since the company's inception in 1999. He is the host of EnduranceRadio.com, a podcast for and about triathletes, adventure racers and trail runners, as well as fifty percent of the Podcast Brothers along with his brother Emile. Tim was a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department and still works as a reservist, where he occasionally conducts informal market research by asking arrestees whether or not they have heard of podcasting.


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