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44 minutes, 20.4mb, recorded 2006-08-18
Larry Gerbrandt

"The Economics of Podcasting" is a special research report that was recently published by Nielson Analytics, one of the biggest names in media research. This report has long been anticipated by the growing community of podcasters, who are monetizing their productions, and it serves as a significant milestone for this relatively young medium. If Nielsen is publishing research on the topic, it brings a level of credibility and viability to the space and it signals that big business advertisers may be looking to engage in ad sales.

In this interview with Larry Gerbrandt, Senior Vice President & General Manager of Nielsen Analytics, host Michael Geoghegan gets into the details of the report including how the data was collected, what Nielsen's definition of a podcast is, and which ad models may work the best in podcasting. In addition, they discuss Nielsen's Anytime Anywhere Media Measurement initiative which includes a software system to track the media usage habits of iTunes/iPod users. Set to begin in late 2006 with a test group of 400 users, the results of this program will be closely watched by the podcast community and by large corporate advertisers.

Larry Gerbrandt is the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Nielsen Analtytics, a division of VNU Media, Inc. Tasked with keeping the pulse of emerging trends and technologies, Gerbrandt brings to Nielsen over 25 years experience as a media analyst. He previously worked for Kagan World Media, a leading market research firm, for 20 years, most recently as their Chief Operating Officer. As a media analyst, he has authored or contributed to dozens of special reports and newsletters on which the media industry relies.

Gerbrandt has served as speaker, moderator and panelist at several conferences including Digital Hollywood, Consumer Electronics Show (CES), National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), and Streaming Media West and has been interviewed on media-related topics by Fox News Network, CNN, ABC News, and PBS Frontline.

An avid photographer, Larry Gerbrandt's work has been seen at the New York International Film Festival, the Underwater Photo Society, the Monterey County Fair, and the Center for Photographic Art.


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