Jon Bork

Director, Open Source Program Office, Intel

Fostering Innovation in Open Source
33 minutes, 15.4mb, recorded 2005-10-20
Jon Bork

In his keynote address at the 2005 Zend/PHP Conference, Jon Bork discusses Intel's view of open source and the role both the community and his company can play in fostering innovation. Bork provides an overview of what has driven innovation in manufacturing and how these examples may apply to open source.

The rapid growth of open source, in terms of projects, community and adoption, ensure its standing in the industry's future. With Intel's own reorganization from a manufacturer of chips into a platform company, the company recognizes the need to keep in sight and work with the whole ecosystem that surrounds the platform. Only by working closely with the creators of software can Intel ensure the most value can be drawn from their products. Working with the open source community, Intel sees the opportunity to benefit, both directly and indirectly, from the innovations to come.

Jon Bork was named leader of Intel's Open Source Program Office in May of 2005. Bork directs Intel's engagements with Linux sellers and other open source technology suppliers. Former to his role in the Open Source Program Office, Bork held the position of General Manager for Intel's Home Product Group.


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