Doug Kaye

Co-founder, GigaVox Media

IT Conversations
28 minutes, 13mb, recorded 2006-08-07
Topics: Media Podcasting
Doug Kaye

Michael Geoghegan interviews Doug Kaye, IT Conversations' creator and Executive Director of The Conversations Network. Doug describes the history and evolution of IT Conversations, and gives us an in-depth description of the processes and technology that he built to power IT Conversations.

Doug Kaye is IT Conversations' original host, producer, developer, writer, interviewer and engineer. He launched IT Conversations in June 2003 and still produces many of the site's programs. Doug is now CTO of GigaVox Media and Executive Director of the Conversations Network.

In what seems to him like a previous lifetime, Doug was a recording engineer and sound editor in film and television. After mixing one too many TV commercials and English dubs of Lina Wertmuller films he made a break to the software industry. After another 18 years as an IT entrepreneur/CEO, he successfully worked his way down the corporate ladder and served as CTO/VP Engineering of four dot-com startups: one successful IPO, two shutdowns, one still on life support.



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