Jerry Fiddler

Founder, Board Member - Wind River

Envisioning the Connected World
93 minutes, 42.6mb, recorded 2004-06-17
Jerry Fiddler
In the not-too-distant future, the majority of electronic devices will be connected via the Internet or wireless protocols, bringing convenience and simplicity to daily living, but adding layers of technology and complexity to devices we use everyday. Jerry Fiddler offers a glimpse to his vision of the future: "The Connected World." He discusses how this "world system" will evolve through the convergence of multiple technologies resulting in one, giant interoperable system. You will learn how the road to the connected world is wide open, and that today marks the beginning of a new era in the embedded industry.

Introduction by Ann Winblad, Co-founding Partner of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners.


This presentation is from the IT Conversations archives of the SDForum Distinguished Speaker Series.

Jerry Fiddler is founder and member of the board of Wind River. Since its establishment in 1981 in a Berkeley garage, Wind River has grown to become the leading provider of embedded software worldwide. Fiddler sits on several corporate boards, including Tensilica, Axis, Crossbow and Nanochip, as well as a number of advisory and non-profit boards. He has worked actively both with students and in an advisory capacity at a number of universities, including University of California, Berkeley, Wharton, and University of Illinois. He was also a member of the first NRC national study of networked embedded systems. He received a BA in music and photography, and an MS in computer science, both from University of Illinois.

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