Jonathan Schwartz

CEO, Sun Microsystems

Future of the Tech Industry
30 minutes, 13.8mb, recorded 2006-07-22
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Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems, gets straight to the point with his assessment that the demand for what Sun builds will not go down as long as we are on the earth. One hundred percent of the marketplace is looking to IT to connect them to the world and to their core community of users.

Schwartz recognizes that in a diverging marketplace it is foolish to attack everything because "if you do you will drown." His focus, now and moving forward, is on targeting the appropriate strategy that will position his company to remain out in front of a complex and always changing IT marketplace. He believes Sun will benefit most by focusing on the segment of the marketplace that views IT as a means of growing their business, as opposed to the traditional ERP and CRM purchasers who view IT solely as a cost center. This means that R&D will remain a priority as a means of innovation and differentiation. Schwartz believes there are a number of non-traditional places - energy efficiency, space, security and provisioning - where hardware vendors can make significant improvements that will benefit their customers.

The future is wide open. Consumers want lots of options, and it will be up to product developers to consistently engage the marketplace and give the customers what they want.

Jonathan Schwartz is currently president and CEO of Sun Microsystems. Prior to becoming CEO, Schwartz was president and COO and managed all operational functions at Sun. An inveterate blogger, Schwartz has led Sun's drive toward transparency and openness in everything the organization stands for. A leader behind many of Sun's open source and standard setting initiatives, Jonathan has been an outspoken advocate for the network as a utility with more than just value for the computing industry - but as a tool for economic, social and political progress. Schwartz has also held other influential positions since he joined Sun in 1996, after Sun's acquisition of Lighthouse Design, where he was CEO and co-founder. Schwartz received degrees in economics and mathematics from Wesleyan University.


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