Dr. C. K. Prahalad

University of Michigan

Emerging Hi-Tech Ecosystems
32 minutes, 14.9mb, recorded 2006-04-04
Dr. C.K. Prahalad

"The location barrier [around innovation] is finally broken." In his keynote address to the Software 2006 Conference, on April 4, 2006, Dr. Prahalad explains how traditional centers of innovation, like Silicon Valley, will soon become just one of many interdependent nodes in a global technology ecosystem. In addition to the geographic breakdowns, barriers between vertical industries are beginning to dissolve. Prahalad discusses what we might expect, as industry convergence gains momentum.

Prahalad's keynote revolves around four topics:

  1. Ecosystems based on specific locations
  2. The emergence of global ecosystems
  3. The emergence of complex ecosystems that promote industry convergence
  4. Ecosystems which include the bulk of the world's population

C.K. Prahalad, is a distinguished professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan. He specializes in corporate strategy and has authored and co-authored several books including: Multinational Mission: Balancing Local Demands and Global Vision (1987), Competing for the Future (1994), The Future of Competition: Co-Creating Unique Value with Customers (2004), and The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid: Eradicating Poverty through Profit (2004). He is also the author of numerous award-winning articles including: "Weak Signals vs. Strong Paradigms" in the Journal of Marketing Research in 1995, "The Dominant Logic: A New Linkage between Diversity and Performance" in the Strategic Management Journal in 1986, and "A Strategy for Growth: The Role of Core Competencies in the Corporation" in Research Technology Management in 1993.

He has been honored for his contributions with a Life Time Achievement Award by the Ross School of Business. He received honorary doctorates from the University of London (Economics), Stevens Institute of Technology (Engineering) and University of Abertay, Dundee (Business). He was a member of the UN Blue Ribbon Commission on Private Sector and Development. A prominent world-class figure, Professor Prahalad has consulted with the top management of many of the world's foremost companies. He serves on the Board of Directors of NCR Corporation, Hindustan Lever Limited and the World Resources Institute. He is the Chairman and Founder of The Next Practice.


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