Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

Authors, Naked Conversations

The Corporation in a Blogging World
48 minutes, 22.3mb, recorded 2006-05-07
Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

Scoble and Israel are the authors of the book Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses Talk with Customers, published in 2006. While many blogs started as personal journals, the authors believe that they can be an important way for businesses to interact with the public. This allows the blog to represent the corporation.

In an interview format, hosted by Shannon Clark, the event organizer, Robert and Shel discuss the background of their book, including its creation and development as part of a blog. This process gave them immediate feedback and proofreading. In the end, the blog community became the book's champions.

The authors believe that by using blogs, corporations can get their message out to the potential customer and receive quick responses from the public. They also believe that internal blogs are also useful for collaboration and employee satisfaction.

Much of the presentation is devoted to questions and comments from the audience, discussing such issues as the difference between group and individual blogs, as well as how corporate bloggers are dealing with the possible tension between authority and freedom of expression.

Given that the concept of corporate blogging is still in its infancy, Scoble and Israel are helping to make the idea more interesting and useful to companies.

Note that due to language issues, this presentation may not be suitable for family or office listening.

Robert Scoble is a technical evangelist who used to work for Microsoft until 2006 and maintains the popular blog, Scobleizer. Scoble recently announced he is leaving Microsoft to join as Vice President of Media Development. Scoble has long been known as a prominent advocate of both RSS technology and the Tablet PC. He has previously been involved with both these technologies in a professional capacity: at NEC Mobile Solutions, where he was sales support manager, and UserLand Software, where he was director of marketing. Besides blogging, Scoble was part of the Channel9 MSDN Videos team producing educational and evangelist mini-films targeted towards students and professional developers.

Shel Israel writes, consults and speaks on blog strategy, social media and new communications. He currently holds workshops for companies trying to understand the strategic value of blogging. A self-described recovering publicist, Israel was a Silicon Valley senior PR executive for more than 20 years working mostly with early phase companies. His current and past client successes include CNET, Riya, Sun Microsystems, Creative Labs, and the original teams behind Filemaker, PowerPoint, Mapinfor, Virtual Vineyards and over 100 other companies. He is currently working on a second book called Global Neighborhhoods about communities and the new Internet.

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