Seth Goldstein

CEO, ROOT Markets

Applications for the New Attention Economy
16 minutes, 7.4mb, recorded 2006-03-07
Seth Goldstein
The new Attention Economy is grabbing the attention of alpha geeks and businesses hoping reap the rewards of innovation in this emerging marketplace of clickstreams. In this talk, Seth Goldstein introduces us to Root Markets’ Root Vaults, one of the first applications to make use of the data provided by the AttentionTrust’s Attention Extension. These new applications and analytical tools help individuals take charge of their own attention data in order to understand patterns, share with others, and harness attention's growing economic value.

As more and more of our time is spent on-line, information about our public and personal behavior becomes worthy of attention. What we pay attention to reflects our lives as consumers and producers of goods, services and information. It can also act as a measure of reputation and influence. The question of 'who owns your attention' challenges individuals to understand and, where possible, control how and with whom their data are shared.

A growing number of web services are making it easier to record, aggregate, analyze and selectively share data on the activities and expressions of individuals and groups. This can help people monitor and understand their own behavior and manage their time more effectively. Moreover, Goldstein argues, your on-line activities and your 'promise to pay attention' have a value on which you can trade.

Root Vault represents a new type of application, a place to send and store attention data. Sophisticated analytical tools let users effortlessly visualize and explore patterns of activity over time. There are also opportunities for data exchanges which let users engage in 'clickstream dating' to get a view into what interests they do and don't share in common with others. Goldstein invites developers and businesses to explore ways they can connect and exchange openly with Root Vaults’ growing user base.

Seth Goldstein invents visionary businesses. In 1995, Seth founded SiteSpecific, one of the first Internet advertising agencies; in 2002, Seth founded Majestic Research, the leading independent research firm on Wall Street. Seth was also the first Entrepreneur in Residence at Flatiron Partners, a New York-based technology venture capital firm. Since 1999, Seth has been a Director and member of the Audit Committee for Valassis (NYSE:VCI), a $2 billion marketing services firm. Seth is an active investor and advisor to early-stage companies, including social bookmarking site, and recently completed a blog series on Media Futures at


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