Chet Kapoor

VP of the Gluecode Software Group at IBM

Innovation and the Open Community
12 minutes, 5.7mb, recorded 2005-10-18
Chet Kapoor

Why has an open community become a critical factor in driving the innovation of software development? According to Chet Kapoor, VP of the Gluecode Software Group at IBM, it isn't about the free code, but about the methodology behind development.

In this keynote from OSCON Europe 2005, Kapoor tells us why businesses are attracted to the meritocracy approach to development in Open Source Software. He also describes what role IBM is taking within the open community to bring together vendors to foster a healthy and collaborative relationship with the community.

Chet Kapoor is currently the VP of the Gluecode Software Group at IBM, where he is responsible for driving IBM’s open source application server business. Mr. Kapoor was the CEO of Gluecode Software, which was recently acquired by IBM.

Prior to Gluecode, Mr. Kapoor was General Manager of the Integration Division at BEA Systems where he grew the business from $15M to $100M in 18 months. Mr. Kapoor was responsible for driving all aspects of BEA’s integration business including sales, marketing, product management, engineering and services.


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