Scott Anderson

Director, Enterprise Brand Communications, Hewlett-Packard

Business Blogging, Doing it Right
38 minutes, 17.6mb, recorded 2005-12-13
Scott Anderson

The blogosphere is changing how customers gather and consume information about the marketplace. Scott Anderson, Hewlett Packard’s Director of Enterprise Brand Communications took a huge step in bringing his company in line with the principles of open dialogue with its customers through the blogosphere. In this program, Scott describes the experience and the challenges of evolving corporate communication beyond the static web and into the live web.

Scott describes how, before developing a corporate blogging platform, HP had to make big decisions about how to approach the blogosphere. They could ignore it all together, they could pay attention, or they could actively engage with it. A sea change has been taking place in communications and the rules are very different compared to traditional mass communications. HP needed to acknowledge that a change in management is required for a big company to play by the rules instead of trying to manipulate the live webspace. Were they going to be to be authentic or not? They could either truly allow a platform to allow bloggers to communicate to their audience, or they could create an artificial space that reproduced the static web.

Despite attempts by legal and marketing teams to filter content, Scott was able to create the kind of platform that truly enabled two way communications. The bloggers have seen much success in bridging the gap between corporate executives and customers, as well as between technical teams across a corporation that does business in 170 countries around the world.

Scott Anderson is Director of Enterprise Brand Communications for Hewlett Packard. Scott oversees integrated communications to the company's B2B customers through traditional media such as advertising and collateral as well as interactive media such as web, eMail, online events, blogs, streaming video, and more. Scott is skilled at integrating advanced marketing practices with emerging interactive technologies to enable unique customer experiences designed to increase customer intimacy and accelerate the buying cycle. Scott continues to deliver innovative marketing capabilities at HP such as HP's first executive blog program, HP's first online enterprise launch event, and the increasingly popular streaming video application HP Enterprise TV.

Before coming to HP, Scott was employed by Sun Microsystems's as the company's first corporate Director of eMarketing. Evolving the unique role, Scott combined the web publishing team and corporate online advertising resources to deliver leading edge capabilities. Scott pioneered Sun's online mega product-launches which became the company's standard launch platform; he tuned the website to become a successful qualified leads-delivery mechanism; and he pushed boundaries in online advertising to deliver many industry firsts.

Prior to Sun Microsystems, Scott's career took him around the globe straddling positions in both marketing and interactive technology. Past positions included Market Research at CNN International in London, European Field Marketing at Hewlett Packard Test & Measurement in Amsterdam, Advertising Account Management at Herring Newman advertising in Seattle, and Global Web Content management at Agilent Technologies in the Bay Area.

Scott is a regular speaker at industry events. He holds a bachelors degree in marketing from Western Washington University and a Masters degree from (Thunderbird) the American Graduate School of International Management.


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