Joe Paiva

Enterprise Architect, U.S. Army

A Warriors Guide to Business Architecture
36 minutes, 16.5mb, recorded 2005-11-08

When considering the US Department of Defense, what generally comes to mind are the facts and necessities of fighting wars. Less obvious but equally important are the day to day business processes. While the goals of the Department of Defense are very different than those of a typical corporation, efficient and effective processes of finance, logistics, and human resources are just as important to the Armed Forces as they are to an Fortune 500 company.

Major Joe Paiva discusses the strategies used by the Department of Defense in implementing a serivces oriented architecture, and along the way illustrates how the problems and decisions made by the DoD in fact vary little from the issue faced by any other company.

Joe Paiva is the author of several IT publications including co-author of Strategies for Information Technology published by Prentice-Hall and used in several universities including Cornell and Rice. He has 10 years of military experience including both leading troops in the field and as a program manager. Mr. Paiva also has 10 years of commercial experience at the CIO/VP of Technology level in the Hospitality and Healthcare Industries. Mr. (MAJ) Paiva returned to Government service in 2004 as a senior enterprise architect for the Army's Business Enterprise Architecture initiative.

Mr. Paiva wrote the Army's CONOPS for Cross Mission Area Interoperability and developed Tools and Templates for Army-wide use in the development of architectures incorporating both information assurance and and open-standard services in a Service oriented Architecture which supports the unique needs of the Army in a net-centric war fighting environment.


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