Jaime Sguerra

CTO, Guardian Life Insurance Company of America

A Services Oriented Architecture for Competitive Advantage
40 minutes, 18.7mb, recorded 2005-11-08
Jaime Sguerra

There are both business and technical reasons for using a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to implement a software solution. Jaime Sguerra has led the successful transition to SOA for the IT group of Guardian Life. In doing this his team successfully delivered productivity increases before completion.

Sguerra's presentation describes the primary problems to be solved and the key decisions that were made prior to starting the effort - these are applicable to many mid and large-sized organizations. He illustrates many of the important details that led to the successful implementation and deployment of the SOA solution across Guardian.

By focusing on a small set of primary goals for the solution, Sguerra shows how the entire organization has benefitted from the resulting improvements in agility, speed, and quality. While this is a long process, he shows how to get started and some of the unexpected benefits from using SOA.

This presentation provides a useful outline plan for any senior engineer, architect, or CTO who is involved in, or is considering, the adoption of a service-oriented solution within their organization.

Jaime Sguerra heads Guardian Life’s Technology Office, and defines technological direction for deploying business-aligned solutions. He is responsible for Guardian’s Enterprise Architecture and mission-critical projects. Jaime oversees cross-profit center application development, corporate messaging operations and Email, Enterprise Information Management, research and development, document and process solutions, Enterprise Security Architecture, and Marketing’s IT initiatives.

Jaime led the deployment of Guardian’s award-winning component based and services oriented Enterprise Architecture, which reduced development costs by 32%, and increased productivity by 30%. In 2005, Jaime was selected as one of Computerworld’s “Premier 100 IT Leaders,” and won the 2005 CMP BTO Excellence Award. Jaime holds a Systems Engineering degree from Universidad Piloto de Colombia, with post-graduate work at NYU and at the Wharton School.


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