Paul Levine

General Manager, Local Yahoo!, Inc

The Architecture of Participation
20 minutes, 9.2mb, recorded 2005-06-30
Paul Levine

Levine begins his presentation by sharing what he calls "Yahoo!'s vision for the search space overall". which he believes drives everything Yahoo! is doing in search, local services, and mapping. The vision is straightforward but ambitious: to enable people to find, use, share, and expand all human knowledge.

Taking us through each of the parts of the vision in turn, Levine outlines what Yahoo! is doing to enable particular features and what plans the company has for developing areas of use. The emphasis here is very much on purpose-driven search rather than searching for searching's sake.

Yahoo! calls the successful combination of the parts of their vision 'fuse' and Levine takes his audience through a real-life scenario (Tim O'Reilly looking for a Spanish restaurant) to underline how the disparate parts can work together.

This is a presentation that clearly explains both how Yahoo! views the intersection of search and local and how it intends to enrich the experience for all users, from developers to merchants.

Paul Levine joined Yahoo! in April 2003 as the General Manager of Local for Yahoo!, the most visited local site online. Bringing a strong background in marketing and product management, Levine leads Yahoo!’s efforts in incorporating new location-based features within the Yahoo! network. He is responsible for overall management of Yahoo!’s current local properties, including Yahoo! Local, Maps, Yellow Pages, City Guides, Real Estate, and Classifieds.

Levine joined Yahoo! from E*TRADE Financial, where he was most recently Vice President of Product Management. He held numerous management positions over a five-year period at E*TRADE in marketing and product organizations and led the development and launch of Power E*TRADE, a market-leading product/service/pricing bundle for active traders.

Paul holds an MBA from Stanford University and a BA from Amherst College.


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