Andy Brown

Chief Technology Architect, Merrill Lynch & Co.

Adopting SOA at Merrill Lynch
39 minutes, 17.9mb, recorded 2005-11-07
Andy Brown

At InfoWorld's SOA Executive Forum, Chief Technology Officer Andy Brown talks about how Merrill Lynch is using SOA to create client focused solutions within the enterprise. He discusses the shift to a process oriented focus, and the need for an integrated architecture upon which to build solutions.

SOA at Merrill Lynch is powerful because of several key points. Brown explains that the power of SOA comes from its incremental nature, the strong standards base and its ability to build security in at the policy level. He also describes an SOA product developed at Merrill Lynch, called SOLA, that allows mainframe developers to easily create web services from their applications.

Andy Brown is Managing Director, Chief Technology Architect for Merrill Lynch. This involves driving strategic plans, policies, standards, guidelines, technology governance processes and technology portfolio management. Andy joined Merrill Lynch in London in 1996 and has served in roles in Europe and the US in infrastructure architecture and engineering, Equity Technology Architecture, GMI Architecture, Head of GMI eCommerce, Head of Global Networks and Market Data Services.

Prior to joining Merrill Lynch Andy headed up Technology Architecture for Banque Paribas Capital Markets based in London and Paris. His major achievement was the rollout of Windows/NT desktop across the PCM businesses in 1995 enabling a new generation of desktop financial instrument development and associated revenue streams, through hugely decreased time to market. Andy has previously worked in three other major industries for blue chip companies.


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