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VP Marketing, Skype

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21 minutes, 9.6mb, recorded 2005-12-10
Saul Klein

Skype has become one of the prominent disruptive technologies of the early 21st century. Allowing anyone with a broadband connection to make cheap calls all over the world and free voice, text (and now, video) calls to anyone on the Skype network, it has changed the way many people think of the telephone. Skype has influenced pricing and availability, and is so ubiquitous that it is lending its name to become the verb for using PC-based voice over IP.

In this interview, Larry Magid talks with Saul Klein, VP Marketing of Skype. They discuss the changing nature of the telecom business, Skype's new video feature and the potential for Skype to bring telephony to previously under-served markets.

The main draw of Skype is the combination of low cost and interoperability with the traditional telephone system. Broadcasting and podcasting applications will become more common as third party developers and hardware vendors tap into this burgeoning market. Skype is poised to disrupt more than just the traditional telecom market in the near future.

Saul Klein is the VP, Marketing at Skype, having just been the co-founder & CEO of Video Island and a Founding Partner of The Accelerator Group (TAG).

Video Island is dedicated to bringing the selection, convenience and value-for-money of unlimited DVD rentals to a mass-market.TAG is an international management advisory network, which Saul established in January 2000 with colleagues from Microsoft and Firefly.

TAG provides strategic consulting services to established companies and private equity firms, as well as concentrated operational expertise and access to strategic-capital to a small portfolio of early-stage digital businesses. Recent UK investments include Pleasurecards and Perplexcity.

Saul Klein now serves on the board of directors of, a non-profit based in Washngton DC and South Africa focused on shaping actionable global policy to drive the adoption of ICT in developing countries. He also writes a regular column on New Media for The Guardian.


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