Tony Gaughan

Senior VP of Product Development, Computer Associates

Open Source Licensing Issues
16 minutes, 7.7mb, recorded 2005-08-05
Topics: Open Source
Tony Gaughan

While many enterprises shy away from open source software for various reasons, Computer Associates has embraced the open source model, starting with the open source release of their flagship database product, Ingres. Not only have they opened the source of the database technology, but CA is continuing to build additional software on the Ingres platform.

Tony examines CA's motivations for opening the source for Ingres as well as briefly contrasting total cost of ownership between proprietary and open source software and discussing business models around open source software. He also discusses CA's choices regarding the specific open source license that was created specifically for Ingres, including his own opinion that generating a new open source license was probably a mistake. Tony explains why CA's open sourcing of Ingres should not be seen as "technology dumping," CA trying to offload a technology they were no longer interested in supporting.

Tony Gaughan is senior vice president of product development at Computer Associates, responsible for CA’s database, database management and applications management solutions. Tony has more than 17 years of experience in enterprise software development. Prior to joining CA, he was vice president of ERP applications development at PeopleSoft, where he lead a team of more than 200 developers worldwide in delivering solutions for financials, human resources and asset management. Earlier, he served as vice president of CRM development at Oracle. Tony holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Heriot-Watt University.


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