Reinventing Media

A Panel Discussion

Supernova 2005
52 minutes, 24.3mb, recorded 2005-06-22
Dan Gillmor, Jeremy Allaire, Suranga Chandratillake, Lawrence Gelburd

More and more people are turning to the internet as a place to find, share, and create media of all kinds. From the origins of the world wide web in text and graphics, more and more audio and video content is making its way to the web from both large-scale producers and individuals, legitimately or illegitimately. This growing platform for the distribution of media is forcing changes within our use of media and the producers ability to control over their creations.

This panel discussion, led by grassroot media pioneer Dan Gillmor and consisting largely of audience questions, brings together entrepreneurs from different areas of the internet media world to discuss issues surrounding the explosion of online media. The power of the amplification as more people are able to reach larger populations than ever before and concerns of the role of these new media on our children are among the issues addressed. Additionally, the panel discusses questions of licensing and rights management, privacy, our greater need of tools to find the media we want, and the future role of existing media outlets.

Dan Gillmor is founder of Grassroots Media Inc., a project aimed at enabling grassroots journalism and expanding its reach, and host of Bayosphere, a site covering the San Francisco Bay Area and its technology community. He is author of "We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People" (O'Reilly Media, 2004), a book that explains the rise of citizens' media and why it matters.

From 1994-2004, Gillmor was a columnist at the San Jose Mercury News, Silicon Valley's daily newspaper, and wrote a weblog for He joined the Mercury News after six years with the Detroit Free Press. Before that, he was with the Kansas City Times and several newspapers in Vermont.

Jeremy Allaire founded Brightcove in early 2004 with a vision for the transformation of television with the Internet. As Chairman and President of Brightcove, Jeremy leads the company's technology, marketing and business development strategy.

Prior to founding Brightcove, Jeremy worked as a technologist and entrepreneur-in-residence for Cambridge, MA-based venture capital firm General Catalyst, where he worked on companies and investments in broadband media, mobile content, e-commerce software and digital identity. Before General Catalyst, Jeremy was Chief Technology Officer of Macromedia, where he helped define and launch the Macromedia MX platform for Rich Internet Applications.

Suranga Chandratillake received his MA in computer science from the University of Cambridge, England specializing in distributed processing architectures. Following his university years, Suranga worked as a software developer for Morgan Stanley, creating global risk resolution systems as well as on next-generation voice recognition technologies at netdecisions, an IT consultancy group.

While working at netdecisions, Suranga joined a small Cambridge-based technology start-up called anondesign, working in the area of commerce-focused content management and delivery. In true start-up fashion, he held numerous roles including presales, product development and software development. Another Cambridge-based technology firm - Autonomy Corporation - caught Suranga's attention and he joined the company where he became the operational CTO. After three successful years at Autonomy, Suranga went on to found blinkx.

In 1979 Lawrence Gelburd joined with four other entrepreneurs to form a Pittsburgh-based high-tech company, American Auto-Matrix (AAM). During the next ten years, the company raised over $7 million in venture capital and employed more than 80 people. AAM developed cutting-edge microprocessor-based, networkable monitoring and control systems for environmental, process, fire and security applications in commercial and industrial facilities.

The company was sold in 1989, and since then Lawrence has worked as an independent high-tech business consultant, and has been Entrepreneur in Residence for PenNetworks and an independent consultant for P2B (Penn to Business). At Wharton, he teaches Management 230 – Entrepreneurship, Business Plan Development for the Small Business Development Center, Leadership in the Business World program, and is an Entrepreneurial Fellow at Penn’s Weiss Technology House.


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