The Future of Africa (part 1 of 2)

Sun Participation Fellows

Pop!Tech 2005
60 minutes, 27.6mb, recorded 2005-10-23
The Sun Participation Fellows

Pop!Tech 2005's title of "Grand Challenges" describes and motivates this year's talks. After the conference a special round table of ten young African leaders reviewed the conference from their unique perspectives.

In a discussion moderated by Fortune Magazine's David Kirkpatrick, the ten Sun Participation Fellows discussed their views of the Grand Challenges presented at Pop!Tech. From all areas of Africa and representing many fields, the ten leaders shared their ideas about technology, poverty, community, activism, health care, politics and more.

This is part one of two. Part Two

Clement M. Bwalya, a 27-year old from Zambia, is an advocate of social change through sport, and a reformer of the health sector.

Khaddiatou Diedhiou Diop, a 30-year old from Senegal, is the youngest member of Parliament of Senegal and is focused on reducing child mortality and improving maternal health.

Elleni Muluneh Gebremariam,a 20-year old from Ethiopia, is an education and communications specialist.

David Gyewu, a 41-year old from Ghana, is the former deputy minister for communications and technology for Ghana and a telecommunications reform activist.

Brian Longwe, a 34-year old from Kenya, is Chief technology officer for the Africa Internet Service Provider Association (AfrISPA).

Ndesanjo Macha, a 35-year old from Tanzania, is a key figure of Swahili-language blogging, a lawyer and digital rights activist.

Neema Mgana, a 30-year old from Tanzania, was a 2005 Nobel Prize for Peace nominee, and is an HIV/AIDS activist and youth leadership activist.

Lydia Muchodo from Uganda is a promoter of peace and tolerance through sport.

Emeka Okafor, a 41-year old from New York is a blogger, consultant and entrepreneur focused on finance and sustainable technology.

Ory Okollah, a 28-year old from Kenya, is a leading blogger and telecommunications reform activist.

Rotimi Olawale, a 22-year old from Nigeria, is a reformer of private sector, partnerships and the media.

Eric Osiakwan, a 27-year old from Ghana, is an Internet communications consultant, journalist and blogger.


This program is from Pop!Tech held in Camden, Maine October 19-23, 2005.

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