John Smart

President, Acceleration Studies Foundation

Accelerating Change 2005
27 minutes, 12.8mb, recorded 2005-09-17
Topics: The Future
John Smart
The Accelerating Change conference brings together change leaders to discuss how we can shape the future - how we can accelerate change and keep pace with changes already occurring. Organizer John Smart opens the 2005 conference with an overview of the philosophy guiding the Accelerating Studies Foundation, the organization behind the Accelerating Change conference.

The pace of technological change is increasing every day, and this can be frightening and confusing. In order to control how successfully we move into the future, we need to make policy, not take reactionary stances. We need to be a part of the change.

Technology is often invisible to the user, and therefore we often react with "future shock" when we encounter it. Instead, should be agents of change - actively engaged in the emerging future. Through the sharing of ideas and visions about the future of technology, we can the bridge between the present and the future.

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John Smart is a developmental systems theorist who studies accelerating change, computational autonomy and a topic known in futurist circles as the technological singularity. He is president of the Acceleration Studies Foundation, a nonprofit community for research, education, consulting, and selected advocacy of communities and technologies of accelerating change.

John has a B.S. in Business from the Haas School at U.C. Berkeley and seven years of coursework in biological, medical, cognitive, computer and physical science at UCLA, Berkeley, and UCSD. He is the author of Planning A Life In Medicine, 2005, for premedical students. He's currently completing an M.S. in Future Studies at U. Houston and writing his second book, on the topic of accelerating change.


This program is one of a series from IT Conversations coverage of the Accelerating Change 2005 conference held September 16-18, 2005 at Stanford University.

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