Kartik Subbarao

Hewlett Packard

Enterprise IT: Open Source Powerhouse
18 minutes, 8.3mb, recorded 2005-08-04
Topics: Open Source
Kartik Subbarao
How do commercial organizations embrace open source software? Mixing open source with commercial software is a significant challenge. Issues like customization, version control, support and "giving back" are often at odds in a corporate environment.

This presentation provides a framework and a process for blending the best of both worlds; bringing open source into the mainstream of commercial companies in a way that meets their needs but still supports the objectives of open source.

Using a very simple analogy comparing open source to water and commercial source to earth, Kartik Subbarao of HP lays out the path that combines the ocean of open source with the dessert of commercial software to form a Venice of productivity and innovation. At the same time he illustrates some of the pitfalls that can instead lead to a deadly swamp.

The presentation uses numerous concrete and industrial-strength examples from inside HP as proof points for the success of this strategy.

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Kartik Subbarao is the Global Lead for HP's Linux Technology Profession and a Senior IT Architect in HP's Technology Services organization where he is responsible for architecture/engineering Core Computing IT solutions (Directories, Messaging, Collaboration, Naming, Security).

Kartik has long been an advocate for Open Source as a way of accomplishing breakthrough goals and transforming IT. Going back to the early 1990s, he has worked on a variety of open source projects, in roles such as project leader, invited developer, and integrator. Kartik has a BSEE from Princeton University and an MSEE from Stanford University.


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