Will Glass-Husain - Successful Open Source Consulting

Technical skill is just one piece of the open source consulting puzzle. Business skills are also crucial. Will Glass-Husain puts it all together in this popular tutorial on running a successful software consultancy. Combining business philosophy with practical tips and case studies, he highlights principles of customer service, time management, sales and pricing to help guide aspiring consultants manage their own business.

Patrick Ball - Secure Data Collection Using Free Software

Proprietary software encourages capital drain from the poor to the rich; free software reduces this imbalance of power and resources. With free software, the source code being available, users are guaranteed that there are no privacy violation issues and the software has no back doors. Patrick Ball, the CTO and Director of Human Resources at Benetech shares with the ApacheCon 2006 audience, the goals his organization has been able to achieve with the use of free software.