First Tuesday

Convergence Panel - First Tuesday

This panel discussion regarding VoIP closed the thought leadership forum 'The road to convergence' from First Tuesday in Zurich, Switzerland. The panel speakers were Kevin Findlay of PricewaterhouseCoopers, Peter Fischer of the Swiss telecommunications regulatory authority, Stefan Herrlich of Siemens, Paul Hitchman of PlayLouder and Mikko Kukkonen of Nokia. With moderator Bruno Giussani, they discussed VoIP regulation, different forms of convergence and scenarios for the future of communications, network and other technologies.

Paul Hitchman - Play Louder

In this keynote presentation from the 'road to convergence' forum by First Tuesday in Zurich, Switzerland, Paul Hitchman talks about the changing landscape of music distribution and licensing. Paul is a co-founder of PlayLouder, a "Music Service Provider," and in this talk he asserts that it is now only voluntary to pay for music. He also addresses the role of P2P, DRM and other technologies and paints a vision for the future for music creators and consumers.