Kynetx Impact

Kynetx Impact is a conference about the trends and technologies that are driving innovation on the Web including:

  • The revolution of user empowerment on the web including social media and what this is doing to traditional online revenue streams.
  • The shift from location-based to purpose-based web experiences.
  • Cross-site web apps and how to create and distribute them.

Steve Spencer - The Future of Interactive Marketing on the Web

Steve Spence looks at where interactive marketing is headed by looking at patterns happening now. Steve reviews the three emerging principles: on demand, online, and cross device. He looks at the 4Rs that are empowering both the masses and the marketers. He explores the meaning of viral and instant gratification in the evolution of the way people think.

Steve Gillmor - The Client-side Revolution: What's Next

Steve Gillmor muses about the present and possible futures like a "blind man at the toes of an elephant". He makes insightful comments on the death of RSS, the next wave of value, and the need for gestures. Steve explores harnessing Social Cloud Dynamics, the challenges of collaboration and the iPad, in the context in which these changes are happening. He also comments on the trouble with current business models as he shows how affinity groups will become powerful economic engines.

Jon Udell - Architectures of Context

Beginning with a short history of his understanding the Internet, Jon Udell of Microsoft, and host of the Conversations Network's Interviews with Innovators, discusses the history of the Internet as a whole. This history is also framed within the context of context, and how cyberspace is shaping the world.

Joe Vito - Everything That's Old is New Again

Software is reorganizing the world, according to Joe Vito in this presentation from the 2010 Kynetx Impact Conference on how technology and apps are changing the relationship between businesses and consumers. With a bit of social commentary and a few anecdotes, he explains how companies should keep up with changes in efficiency, demand, and customer preferences.