Larry Magid

Technology Journalist

Larry Magid
In his long career as a technology journalist, Larry Magid has written on many contemporary issues. He is also an expert on child online safety, particularly as it relates to social networking. He joins Phil and Scott to discuss his activities in making the internet less harmful for young people. He also talks about such current topics as net neutrality, solid state drives, and the potential of imap as a way to better control email.

Larry Magid is known as both a technology journalist and an Internet safety advocate. A syndicated technology columnist and broadcaster for more than two decades, Larry Magid contributes to CBS News, the New York Times, San Jose Mercury News and other media outlets. He served for 18 years as a technology columnist for the Los Angeles Times and his columns have also appeared in the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, CNN.COM and numerous other newspapers and websites throughout the world. His technology reports can now be heard several times a week on CBS Network and CBS affiliates throughout the United States and daily on KCBS in San Francisco and he can be seen occasionally on CBS Evening News and local TV news stations. His columns and reviews also appear on has been a commentator National Public Radio's All Things Considered and Public Radio International's Sound Money program. In the United Kingdom he can be heard during morning drive on LBC Radio -- London's most popular news/talk station. Larry has made repeat appearances on The Larry King Show, CBS This Morning, NBC's Today Show, NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday and many other programs.He has also written for Fortune, ForbesASAP, Family Circle, PC World, PC Magazine, Upside, Information Week, Modern Maturity, ComputerWorld and numerous other publications.


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