Doug Kaye

Founder, The Conversations Network

All's Well That Ends Well
40 minutes, 18.3mb, recorded 2012-12-03
Doug Kaye

When Doug Kaye created IT Conversations in 2003, most people didn't know what a podcast was and why they should care. Yet the idea spread and today, all kinds of people and organizations regularly release content to people throughout the world. Doug joins Phil Windley to bid farewell to the Conversations Network. They discuss the background of why Doug chose to be a podcast pioneer and how the network helped revolutionize a new way to distribute interesting content.


Doug Kaye created the IT Conversations podcast in 2003 and founded The Conversations Network in 2005. He served as the Network’s Executive Director through the end of 2012, when it ceased production of new programs.

In 1978, Doug founded Rational Data Systems to develop programming language compilers, utilities and protocol-stack implementations. In 1996, he sold RDS and worked his way down the corporate ladder, serving as the CTO and/or VP Engineering for four dot-com startups over a four-year period. He became an industry consultant in 2000 and wrote two books, “Strategies for Web Hosting and Managed Services” (John Wiley and Sons, 2002) and “Loosely Coupled – The Missing Pieces of Web Services” (RDS Press, 2003), the latter of which led to the creation of the IT Conversations podcast.

Before his 28-year career as a computer-software and dot-com executive, Doug received a B.A. from the University of California at Berkeley in directing and lighting design for the stage, attended the NYU Graduate Institute of Film and Television, and produced two documentary films in the early 1970s. He cut his audio teeth as a studio engineer in radio and as a sound editor and post-production mixer in film and television.

Officially retired, Doug is now a full-time fine-art photographer, living in Marin County, California.




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