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Goodbye VoIP Clients. Hello New Browser Technologies. Hello New User Cases.
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Tomaz Stolfa

Today, if you were to travel to another country, you'd need an additional SIM card. You'd also have to inform all your contacts that you were available on your new phone number during the time of your tour. And then when you returned, you'd have to tell all your contacts again that you were back to using your old phone number. And if you were travelling to five different countries for a couple of weeks, you can work out the math about how many SMS's or emails you'd have to send just to inform people about the change in your phone number.

What if all this could be taken care of by throwing away your phone and instead giving you a unique alias, like instead of a phone number, and it worked everywhere, wherever you went? Just like domain names are aliases for IP addresses of computers, what if you had a readable alias? You'd never need a phone number again. And you'd not be tied to a geography or locale or even a telephony operator.

What if you could have collect calls made to this alias or from it? What if you could have a temporary alias made for conference calls which you could send to all participants and they'd simply have to click on it to start the call? No more dialing those PINs that take up so much time and are so much trouble.

What if you could have a disposable phone number that you used only for a single call?

And what if all this content could be tagged, pinned and talked about in a social context. In other words, what if you could share all this content, your calls, your information, on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Linked In?

What if you could call anyone from your contacts on these social networks simply with the click of a mouse button?

Tomaz Stolfa, founder of, is working on making this dream a reality.

Tomaz Stolfa is the founder of He’s passionate about blending web, mobile and telephony into innovative products; while hiding the complexities behind simple interfaces. Before starting, Tomaz was the Chief of Innovation at MarandLab, an incubator for innovations and new product concepts. Tomaz has experience in designing and marketing cross-platform products to tier one mobile operators. He is also the founding organizer of MobileMonday Slovenia.


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