Mike McCue

CEO, Flipboard

Mike McCue, Flipboard

Shall I compare thee to a 1957 Jaguar XKSS? Mike McCue asks, in examining when it is worth it to ignore the data when you have, essentially, what you believe is something that ought to be done for its own sake.

Flipboard has set out to make an on-line experience like reading a premium magazine—an online magazine that is as beautiful to page through as expensive glossies. Flipboard sets out high aesthetic values with web innovation to attract advertisers as well as readers. Flipboard, a "social magazine" for the tablet, brings the best of print production values and sprinkles in social aspects in a web interface that is out to make a new premium web category.

Flipboard's mission is to fundamentally improve how people discover, view and share content across their social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Flipboard presents updates, links, articles and photos that people are sharing online in the same way a print magazine would.

Mike McCue founded Flipboard in early 2010, with former Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll. Flipboard is a social magazine for iPad filled with all the things your friends are sharing by applying the timeless principles of print to social media. 

In 1999, Mike founded Tellme Networks, one of the world’s largest Internet networks for voice communication. He successfully led the integration of the company’s technology into Microsoft’s infrastructure following its acquisition of Tellme in 2007. Before founding Tellme, Mike worked at Netscape as Vice President of Technology. He joined Netscape after their successful acquisition of the first company he founded, Paper Software, a leader in 3-D browser technology.

He was honored with a Kilby International Award as a Young Innovator for his work bringing 3-D technology to the world through Netscape’s Web browser. Mike joined Twitter’s Board of Directors in December 2010.


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