Susan Wojcicki

Senior Vice President, Advertising, Google

Getting Visual with Google Analytics
13 minutes, 6.1mb, recorded 2011-10-19
Susan Wojcicki

Google Analytics is a free web tool that generates detailed statistics about site visitors, and enables anyone who has website traffic to be aware of what is actually happening on their site. Susan Wojcicki, a senior vice president at Google, presents different features of Google Analytics—she explains the importance of diagrams that show how users are moving around a site, what are they doing and when are they leaving. She introduces dynamic flow diagrams, called flow visualization, that are actually data told in a story.

Some of these new features enable the possibility of sorting data by many different criteria, which helps owners to follow the exact part of the data they are interested in—included are custom variables, which allow adjustments of this tool to the specific requirements of the website owner. For example, if you introduce or offer something on your website, you would want to have feedback information as soon as possible—Susan Wojcicki also presents a new feature called Real Time Data that shows what is happening on your website instantly, as well as changes in flow in real time.

Hear in this talk further descriptions of how these tools may be leveraged by a website owner.

Susan Wojcicki is Google’s SVP of Ads. She was previously Vice President of Product Management responsible for managing Google’s advertising, monetization, and measurement platforms products, including AdWords, AdSense, and Google Analytics.

In 1998, Susan's garage served as the company’s first headquarters. In 1999, she began as Google’s first marketing professional. She was responsible for a wide range of activities, including the establishment of the corporate identity, some of the first holiday logos, and marketing activities. She also product-managed the licensing of web search, site search and enterprise to Google’s first customers, and was responsible for the initial development of Google Image Search, Book Search and Video Search.

Before joining Google, Susan worked at Intel, and was a management consultant at Bain and R.B. Webber & Company. Susan graduated with honors from Harvard University, holds an MS from the University of California at Santa Cruz, and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA.


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