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The Future of Application Performance Management
6 minutes, 2.8mb, recorded 2011-11-08
Brian Doll

Today’s enterprises demand a comprehensive application performance management tool that keeps pace with the speed and complexity of the applications that it monitors. However, businesses often find it inevitable to use multiple tools to monitor application performance and user activity at various levels. Besides, the complexity of these tools is making businesses spend more time on deployment and management of the tools rather than focussing on the applications.

Brian Doll, Director, Technical Marketing at New Relic speaks at O’Reilly’s Velocity conference and discusses the company’s end-to-end solution that performs all three key functions – real user monitoring, web-application monitoring and backend server management.

According to Brian, New Relic tracks around 26 billion metrics every day for its clients from across the world. In this engaging discussion, Brian explains that deployment of performance management tools can provide successful outcomes only if these tools offer easy access to people in every function in an organization and come out with actionable outcomes for each of them.

Brian Doll is a Business & Technology Hacker at GitHub. He was earlier the Director, Technical Marketing at New Relic. Brian enjoys writing and speaking on lean engineering, systems architecture and scalability while helping teams all over the world scale their apps at New Relic.


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