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56 minutes, 26.1mb, recorded 2005-05-13
Fred von Lohmann
According to its website, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is "the first to identify threats to our basic rights online and to advocate on behalf of free expression in the digital age." -- which is, in English, to fight for some of the biggest online companies for general innovation rights in the digital world.

In just so many years, the word "piracy" has gone from meaning "robbery committed at sea" to "the unauthorized use, duplication, or distribution of copyrighted resources" and we have to agree that we, as an Internet industry, are having to hold back on some of the most major improvements in the future of technology just because of some law made years ago.

In this installment of Sound Policy with Denise Howell, Fred explains how and why this has been a barrier for innovation as a whole and what the EFF is doing to break it. Fred takes on some of the most interesting and difficult legal issues around, including the future of P2P networks, the broadcast flag, the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act, Google�s AutoLink, and more.

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Fred von Lohmann is a senior staff attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, specializing in intellectual property issues. In that role, he has represented programmers, technology innovators, and individuals in litigation against every major record label, movie studio, and television network (as well as several cable TV networks and music publishers) in the United States. In addition to litigation, he is involved in EFF's efforts to educate policy-makers regarding the proper balance between intellectual property protection and the public interest in fair use, free expression, and innovation.


This program is from the Sound Policy series.

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