Lawrence Lessig

Free Culture, Chapter 1
17 minutes, 6.1mb, recorded 2004-03-27
Lawrence Lessig
AKMA asked, "Anyone feel like recording a chapter of Lawrence Lessig's new book?" Joi Ito then said, "What a great idea!" In less than 24 hours, this idea mushroomed into a significant collaboration by a team of bloggers and others to record and publish all of Larry's book.

Here is our contribution, Chapter One: Creators, recorded by IT Conversations host Doug Kaye. Visit AKMA's web site for links to additional chapters of Larry's book recorded by others. Scott Matthews has also compiled a convenient archive. And here's a BitTorrent version.

Like all of the content here on IT Conversations, this recording is available under a Creative Commons license.

This free podcast is from our Behind the Mic series.