Wil McCarthy

author and CTO, Galileo Shipyards

Voices in Your Head
44 minutes, 20.2mb, recorded 2005-05-12
Topics: The Future
Wil McCarthy

We all wouldn't mind teleporting from place to place as in Star Trek, communicating with anyone in this world at the speed of light, and making clones/copies of ourselves in just a matter of seconds. Thinking of this doesn't hurt, trying to do this doesn't hurt, but, when this actually happens, have we ever wondered what might happen to man kind?

Wil McCarthy, renowned Science Fiction author of books such as 'Hacking Matter' (see below) and 'Lost in Transmission' speaks to Dave about issues that lie around such advancements and talks about his life, how he got into the whole 'sci-fi thing' and what he's trying to convey in each of his books, in this instalment of Voices in Your Head.

'Programmable matter', known as Quantum dots, is what Wil talks of the most. The technology works by herding electrons into artificial patterns that form new atomic structures, which opens the door for an enormous number of applications which allow materials to change, or rather reshape, to enable us to do things which we only could think of. If you're a science geek, this is a must.

Wil McCarthy is the former contributing editor for the Wired Magazine and the science columnist for the Sci-Fi channel. Wil is the Chief Technology Officer for Galileo Shipyards, which somewhat participates in the study of in Quantom dots, "programmable matter" as described above, and is most known for authoring books such as 'Hacking Matter'. As an engineer, novelist, and journalist, Wil is one person to turn to about the future of science and technology.


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