Adrian Wooldridge

Washington correspondent, The Economist

Connected Politics
9 minutes, 4.2mb, recorded 2004-10-23
Topics: Politics
"Connected politics is not cesessarily left-wing politics...Taking power away from the political elites, the media elites and the rest of the elites and handing it to the great American public will not necessarily shift politics in the country to the left."

This is the second of four IT Conversations audio recordings from the Pop!Tech 2004 session on Connected Politics. The other three sessions are:
Andrew Rasiej
Joe Trippi
Q&A, led by John Sculley

Adrian Wooldridge is The Economist's Washington Correspondent, based in Washington DC. He covers politics, social policy, and social and political events. Previously he has been The Economist's West Coast Correspondent, Management Correspondent and Britain Correspondent. He is the co-author of The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea, A Future Perfect: The Challenge and Hidden Promise of Globalisation and Witch Doctors, a critical examination of management theory.

This free podcast is from our Pop!Tech series.