Searls, Barrett, Ratcliffe and Suitt

Effective Political Blogging
67 minutes, 15.4mb, recorded 2004-02-09
Blogging is the voice of the revolution. Unscripted, bottom up -- blogging lets people on the ground tell their own stories -- while syndication technology gives wide readership and lets news and insights bubble up to the top. This session will teach participants the essentials of successful blogging. What works. What doesn't. How to track the conversation flow and measure the impact of your own contributions using tools like feedster, technorati, blogdex and daypop.

Doc Searls, Senior Editor, Linux Journal
Cameron Barrett
Mitch Ratcliffe, Editorial Director, InnovationWORLD LLC
Halley Suitt, Halley's Comment

[recorded live at the O'Reilly Digital Democracy Teach-In]

This free podcast is from our Digital Democracy series.