Gillmor, Jarvis and Rosen

Gatekeepers No More
46 minutes, 10.5mb, recorded 2004-02-09
[Full title: Gatekeepers No More? The Grassroots Challenges the Journalistic Priesthood] Professional journalists have been the chief gatekeepers of news about political campaigns and governmental operations. That's changing, fast, as the Internet and other technical tools open up a variety of avenues for other participants in the information process. Campaign blogs are only one such avenue.'s invitation to the public to come up with anti-Bush advertisements showed the way toward a democratization of opinion-making. The Dean campaign invited bloggers -- even those who don't support Dean -- to join an uber-blog about Iowa's caucuses, and created an RSS feed to make it easier to track the flood of data. This session explores technology's impact on the media's role in the political process.

Dan Gillmor, columnist, San Jose Mercury News
Jeff Jarvis, president & creative director,
Jay Rosen, associate professor of journalism, NYU

[recorded at the O'Reilly Digital Democracy Teach-In]

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