Wes Boyd

co-founder, MoveOn.org

60 minutes, 13.7mb, recorded 2004-02-09
[Full title: MoveOn: Bringing Ordinary People Back into Politics] In five short years, MoveOn.Org has become one of the largest and most effective advocacy organizations in the world, with more than two million members and a unique bottom-up style that allows the members to set the organization's priorities. MoveOn is working to bring ordinary people back into politics. With a system that today revolves around big money and big media, most citizens are left out. When it becomes clear that our "representatives" don't represent the public, the foundations of democracy are in peril. MoveOn is a catalyst for a new kind of grassroots involvement, supporting busy but concerned citizens in finding their political voice. Co-founder Wes Boyd explains the principles and internet-based tools that make MoveOn so effective. [recorded at the O'Reilly Digital Democracy Teach-In]

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