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A Panel Discussion

BlogHer 2005
46 minutes, 21.3mb, recorded 2005-07-30
Anastasia Goodstein, Chris Nolan, Evelyn Rodriguez
Many bloggers produced content for traditional media outlets before blogging, and many still write for "dead-tree" newspapers and magazines. Some other bloggers want to branch into these areas while others see the rise of blogs as an indictment of the media of the last century. As an army of citizen journalists, bloggers are blurring the line between storytelling and reporting.

Whether they want to augment or replace traditional media, bloggers are becoming increasingly central to breaking news stories. In this panel from BlogHer, Anastasia Goodstein, Chris Nolan and Evelyn Rodriguez talk with moderator Lisa Stone about their experiences in traditional media and blogging. With the participants of the forum, they discuss the differences between personal narrative and journalism, how to become an accidental journalist just by being where the news happens and how to establish credibility.

The panel addresses the different types of online journalism and offers concrete tips for bloggers who want to become more involved in traditional media. Recent examples of breaking news around the world demonstrate the power of blogging as a way of sharing information and this discussion opens the door for interested bloggers to become more active and have their voices heard more widely.

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Anastasia Goodstein's day job is managing viewer-created content at Current, an independent media company led by former Vice President Al Gore and entrepreneur Joel Hyatt.

Ms. Goodstein began her career working in youth media at Teen Voices, a non-profit magazine written by and for teen women. After earning a master's degree in journalism at Northwestern, Ms. Goodstein was an editorial web producer for several Internet companies during the height of the dot com bubble including and Oxygen Media.

Ms. Goodstein came to Silicon Valley in 2000 to work for Kibu, another now-defunct start-up for teen girls. In September 2000, she went to work for Netscape and led the creation of feature programming and later the TV and Movies channels for all of AOL's Web Properties. She then went on to help launch KeepMedia, a paid content service founded by Louis Borders. Ms. Goodstein launched in May of 2004 and has been publishing five days a week ever since.

Chris Nolan's work is well known to tech-savvy and politically astute readers. Ms. Nolan's weekly syndicated column, "Talk is Cheap" appeared in The New York Post, Upside and

She has consistently led her peers in breaking important stories. Her reporting on Silicon Valley banker Frank Quattrone led to Quattrone's conviction on obstruction of justice charges. Ms. Nolan's work has appeared in The Washington Post, The New Republic, Fortune, Business 2.0 and Conde Nast Traveler. She has spoken frequently on the impact of stand-alone journalism - a phrase she coined to describe the work that experienced, professional journalists are doing on the web - on politics and journalism.

Before moving to San Francisco, Ms. Nolan, who has more than 20 years of reporting experience, lived in Washington, D.C., and covered Congress and the FCC for a series of industry trade magazines. She holds a B.A. degree from Barnard College, Columbia University.

Evelyn Rodriguez's eclectic weblog, Crossroads Dispatches, is geared for those who creatively dwelve (simultaneously deep delving and grounded dwelling) at the nexus of life, spirit and business.

Currently her interests lie in emphasizing personal voice and customer stories - be it in market research, marketing communications or journalism - in a world that is hungry for connection, intimacy, meaning, and purpose. In December 2005, she is facilitating a grassroots media and blogging tour enabling and highlighting first-person storytelling in the tsunami-struck Indian Ocean countries for the first anniversary (to be named Tsunami Tara Tour).


This presentation is one of a series from the BlogHer 2005 Event held in Santa Clara, California, July 30, 2005, and recorded by Susan Kitchens.

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