Lisa Williams and Ryanne Hodson

Audio and Video Blogging

BlogHer 2005
55 minutes, 25.6mb, recorded 2005-07-30
Lisa Williams and Ryanne Hodson
Are you aware how you can use podcasting and video blogging and empower yourself with your own internet TV or radio station? For the first time in human history every individual has the power of self-expression to reach global audiences. Does that fascinate you? Do you know how to get started? The buzz words are coming on fast: aggregation, enclosures, Really Simple Syndication (RSS). In the first part of this debate hear Lisa Williams explain everything you need to know about podcasting including a four minute video on starting podcasting!

A quiet (maybe it's not so quiet - it is audio after all) revolution has been taking place over the last year in the evolution of podcasting and it is about to hit the headlines and go mainstream. Video blogging is here! Hear how Ryanne Hodson's life has been transformed through being one of the early pioneers in the use of video blogging.

Overcome the barriers to self-expression and start building interactive communities using the power of the video and the internet. Learn the steps for creating your own video blog - all you need is a still camera or a digicam to get started - the rest is all described in eight easy steps.

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Lisa Williams recently transformed into one of the truly dangerous types of woman: a suburban housewife. Lisa has a great husband (who has his own blog), two kids, Joe, who’s 1, and Rowan, who’s 3, a dog, and a vegetable patch that keeps getting eaten by the possum who has taken up residence under the back porch.

Lisa has had a weblog since 2000. Lisa penned her first HTML in 1994 or 1995 - it was a tribute page to the TV show Streets of San Francisco. These days Lisa is a member of the development team for the popular free iPodder podcast client and proud to be a regular at the Berkman Blog Group, where she has led discussions on podcasting, blogger-written blog policies, local news weblogs, and, along with Frassle blog software developer Shimon Rura, a session on the future of weblogs and weblog features at Bloggercon II.

Ryanne Hodson is one of the early adopters of videoblogging; using video instead of text to speak to the world. As part of the ever growing vlogging community, she has started to teach others the art of vlogging. Ryanne is the co-creator of, an extensive online tutorial site designed to get everyone's videos on the web. See her life here:


This presentation is one of a series from the BlogHer 2005 Event held in Santa Clara, California, July 30, 2005, and was recorded by Koan Bremner.

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