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Rob Greenlee, host of Web Talk, speaks with Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble about how he got started blogging before he went to work for Microsoft and how blogging can benefit large companies like Microsoft. He also explains the fine line that he walks with upper level executives at Microsoft and the level of risk he takes everyday to push discussion on important tech issues that impact Microsoft. Robert does this interview through his Tablet PC microphone over VOIP Skype.

Robert also discusses the growing impact of many other Microsoft bloggers, the need for better weblog search tools and the need for podcasting search technology, coming audio tools in Windows Vista, Google banning communications with CNET, how OPML may be the next big thing, how Steve Gillmor’s Attention.xml could help search engines filter real time information online, the future of radio and why podcasting is different from radio, how the blogosphere is evolving into something much more significant, coming real-time podcasting publishing tools and how blogging is continuing to grow but blog reader audiences are not growing as fast.

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Robert Scoble is a "technical evangelist" who works for Microsoft and writes the popular Scobleizer blog. Scoble often discusses Microsoft products like Tablet PCs and Windows Vista, yet at the same time criticizes his own employer and its competitors (like Google). Scoble is a former employee of NEC Mobile Solutions, where he was sales support manager, and UserLand Software, where he was director of marketing.

At Microsoft, Scoble has become known as a prominent advocate of both RSS technology and the Tablet PC. Recently Robert Scoble was promoted to Chief Blogging Office (CBO) of Microsoft Corporation. This 'semi-honorary' title will see Robert lead the 1800+ Microsoft bloggers and represent Microsoft in the Social Networking industry.

Also related to blogging, Scoble is writing, along with Shel Israel, a book about business blogging entitled Naked Conversations. Besides blogging, Scoble is part of the Channel 9 MSDN Videos team, and produces educational and evangelist mini-films targeted towards students and professional developers.

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