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31 minutes, 14.3mb, recorded 2005-06-06
Scott Chasin
Finally, the war on spam is shifting to controlling outbound email traffic. This has profound implications for Internet service providers and for their customers. Zombie spambot attacks are being met with responses including blacklisting of users and entire ISPs. At Inbox-IT 2005 in San Jose, Scott Mace spoke with Scott Chasin, CTO of MX Logic, Inc. about efforts from Silicon Valley and Washington D.C. to control the spambots.

How can adoption rates be increased for SPF, Sender ID and DomainKeys? What role will the FTC's recently-released best practices recommendations for outbound email play? What are Port 25 blocking, subscriber reputation filtering, and acceptable use policies? What is the symbiotic relationship between service providers and the enterprise? How are enterprises liable for the spambot traffic they send out? What's the growing distinction between message submission vs. message transfer? What's the role of the IETF's RFC 2476? What is the challenge and opportunity that identity management poses for the messaging industry? Is SMTP broken? What are malicious opt-out attacks?

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Scott Chasin, Chief Technology Officer of MX Logic, Inc., is credited with the launch of the first Web-based email consumer service, and he delivered the first IP-based commercially hosted messaging service supporting thousands of businesses and millions of end users worldwide. He also created and moderated the first full-disclosure security discussion list, Bugtraq, and was a key contributor to the creation of the first open-source, one-time password system, S/Key.

Prior to MX Logic, Chasin served as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Visionary for USA.NET. The driving force behind USA.NET's technology and strategic direction, Chasin helped establish USA.NET as a leading provider of email and advanced messaging services. Previously, he formed one of the first information security consulting firms, Comsec Data Security, where he pioneered early industry efforts in computer security. Chasin serves on the advisory boards of Marcus Evans, a leading producer of information technology conferences and summits, and Ping ID Corporation, a leader in identity management and technology.

He represents MX Logic on the board of directors of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG), a non-profit coalition of worldwide carriers and technology provider dedicated to eradicating messaging abuse, and is a Customer Advisory Council Board Member for the MSPAlliance, a trade group offering standards-based initiatives to the IT outsourcing industry and the consumer.


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