Brendan Eich

Mozilla Foundation

Web 2.0
13 minutes, 6.1mb, recorded 2004-10-07
Brendan Eich

If you're not a Firefox user yet, listening to this Web 2.0 session may get you to switch, and if you are a user, you might discover many of Firefox's greatest capabilities most people are unaware of. In this Web 2.0 session, Brendan Eich, creator of the JavaScript language and one of the first people at Netscape, now at the Mozilla foundation, speaks about Firefox's greatest capabilities, how Windows Longhorn might impact Firefox, and what the future versions of Firefox are likely to hold, such as the tag.

Brendan Eich is best known as the inventor of JavaScript. Brendan started his career at Silicon Graphics, where he worked for seven years on the operating system and network code. Eich then went to Netscape in 1995, where he invented JavaScript for the Netscape Navigator browser. When Netscape was bought by AOL and it shut down the browser unit in July 2003, Eich moved on to the Mozilla Foundation where he works as the Chief Architect.


This free podcast is from our Web 2.0 Conference series.