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Rob Curley

Newspapers are losing their readerships to the digital world. So what are they doing to get into that world and keep their readers? They're creating real-time digital versions of themselves.

But not all newspapers are doing it right, and Rob Curley, leader of the Lawrence Journal-World online, delivers the keynote presentation at the Itegrated Media Association New Media Summit in which he explains how his company has done it right. The Lawrence Journal-World has always gone beyond providing hardcopy text -- they've delivered everything from audio clips to whatever you can imagine.

Whether you're in publishing, work on the web, or just want to hear some amazing stories of how traditional publishing and the Internet can work together, you'll enjoy this terrific keynote presentation.

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Rob Curley, named "Internet Pioneer of the Year" by the NAA, is the leader of World Online, the Internet division of Kansas-based media company' Lawrence Journal-World, one of the most critically-acclaimed web development teams in the world. Rob is also the director of New Media and Convergence for The World Company and, due to his colorful and entertaining speaking style, is invited to numerous Internet-based conventions around the world.


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