Greg Raleigh

president & CEO, Airgo Networks

Larry's World
29 minutes, 13.3mb, recorded 2005-05-29
Greg Raleigh
How would you like a 10x improvement in wireless bandwidths? Much higher range? Without using more spectrum or more power and available in stores today! You can get it now and it's not magic but MIMO that makes it possible. MIMO is a new radio access standard pioneered by Dr. Greg Raleigh, the President and CEO of Airgo Networks. Larry Magid talks to Dr. Raleigh about this invention and how it is going to get used, on this week's edition of Larry's World.

Are these incredible speed improvements only on paper or are users actually going to experience it? What are the devices which are going to start using it first? What will people do with so much bandwidth? Does it work with existing equipment or will people need to throw away their existing devices and equipment?

Dr. Raleigh, who did pioneering research when at Stanford University, explains how this works and how he transformed the bane of radio communication, reflections, into this path breaking technology. He describes what other areas of communication can benefit from this technology. But will the proliferation of appliances and devices using the 2.4GHz spectrum, where MIMO operates, crowd each other out? Will it compete with cellular technologies like 3G or complement them?

Will we start downloading movies as we fuel up at the gas station or will we end up worrying of security as wireless coverage extends from the neighbors to the neighborhood?

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Greg Raleigh is the President & Chief Executive Officer of Airgo Networks. Dr. Raleigh has over 22 years experience in the wireless industry, and prior to founding Airgo Networks, was Founder, President and Chief Technical Officer of Clarity Wireless. Clarity Wireless invented high performance OFDM technology for broadband wireless communications and was acquired by Cisco Systems in 1998. Over the last decade, Dr. Raleigh has led the development of over 20 wireless broadband products, and is world renowned in both academia and industry for his innovation, leadership, and the advancement of wireless broadband communications. Dr. Raleigh has authored multiple patents, and holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University where he pioneered advances in extremely high data rate signal processing techniques and wireless communications theory.


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