Justin Kitch

CEO, Homestead

Larry's World
26 minutes, 12.1mb, recorded 2005-04-21
Justin Kitch
As CEO of Homestead, Justin Kitch has seen more than his share of ugly web sites. Homestead is a web hosting company that also provides proprietary tools for customers to design and maintain their site.

In this interview with Larry Magid, Kitch shares his expertise on designing and presenting information on the web, pointing out that most sites on the web are fairly ugly.� People tend to over design their own sites, says Kitch or hire professionals who �overuse technology to justify what they're charging the client.

Kitch, of course, discusses his company's new professional design service but he also offers some great tips for anyone who designs and maintains their own website.

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Justin Kitch co-founded Homestead in October 1997, to provide consumers with the easiest and most powerful way to create a presence on the Web. Homestead evolved from Justin's first company, KartoffelSoft, which he co-founded in 1994 to develop FUNdaMENTAL, a children's programming language based on his honors thesis project at Stanford University. Justin's previous roles include: program manager for new product creation in the Kid's Software Group at Microsoft Corp, software designer at Trilogy Development Group in Austin, Texas, and graduate teaching assistant in Computer Science at Stanford. Justin also serves on the Board of Directors of Virtual Village Inc. He maintains an active interest in philanthropy and has been an enthusiastic participant in the Friends for Youth mentoring program, Habitat for Humanity and Creative Adventures Learning Center, and serves on the board of Family PC's 100 Wired Schools. Justin holds a B.S. degree in Science, Technology and Society from Stanford University. >


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