Marc Andressen and Dan Rosensweig

Web 2.0 Conference

Lessons Learned, Future Predicted
42 minutes, 19.5mb, recorded 2004-10-06
John Batelle speaks with Marc Andreessen, Chairman and Co-Founder, Opsware, Inc., and Dan Rosensweig, COO, Yahoo. What did they learn the first time, and what�s different in a Web 2.0 world?

Marc Andreessen is Chairman and Co-founder of Opsware Inc, the leading provider of data center automation software. He is widely recognized for his role in launching the Internet revolution in 1993, with his creation of the Mosaic browser while at the University of Illinois. After graduation, he co-founded Netscape Communications, and played a critical role in the company's hypergrowth. Andreessen later became CTO of AOL when the company purchased Netscape in 1999.

As one of the technology icons of our time, Andreessen has received numerous accolades, was named one of the "Top 50 people under the age of 40" by Time Magazine in 1994, and graced the magazine's cover in 1996.

With Mosaic and the Netscape browser, his ideas created a platform that enabled individuals to access the Internet. Similarly, today Opsware is enabling businesses to take advantage of the massive business opportunities created by the Web and new Web-based architectures.

Daniel Rosensweig was appointed chief operating officer of Yahoo! in April 2002. Reporting to chairman and chief executive officer, Terry Semel, Rosensweig oversees the operations of Yahoo! worldwide. Functions reporting to him include product development, marketing, international operations, and North American operations, which encompasses the company's six business units and advertising sales.

Prior to joining Yahoo!, Rosensweig was president of CNET Networks, a position he took on following the merger of ZDNet and CNET in 2000. In this capacity he was responsible for many of the operations globally, and played a critical role in overseeing the successful integration of the two companies. During his tenure, he was also a key participant in company-wide efforts to develop and introduce innovative new Internet advertising formats, such as interactive messaging units.

Before joining CNET Networks, Rosensweig was an 18-year veteran of Ziff-Davis, where he served in many capacities, including president and chief executive officer of ZDNet, Inc. from 1997 to 2000. Rosensweig built ZDNet as a standalone company from Ziff-Davis, successfully took the company public, grew the business to become both profitable and among the top 20 most visited networks on the Internet, and finally merged with CNET. Rosensweig was president of Ziff-Davis Internet Publishing Group from 1996 to 1997, where he oversaw magazine titles such as Inter@ctive Week and Yahoo! Internet Life. He was vice-president and publisher of PC Magazine from 1994 to 1996, and associate publisher from 1992 to 1994. Under his tenure, PC Magazine became the leading computer magazine in both audience reach and revenue. He also held various other positions at Ziff-Davis in advertising sales, classified ad sales, and circulation. Rosensweig received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Hobart College, Geneva, New York.

This is a presentation delivered at the Web 2.0 Conference held in San Francisco, CA, October 5-7, 2004. Our thanks go to MediaLive International and O'Reilly Media, the producers of Web 2.0, for permission to bring you this session, one of many from Web 2.0 here on IT Conversations.

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